Man of vendetta

n_of_vendettaTitle: Man of vendetta
AKAs: The destroyed man
Country: South Korea
Year: 2010
Director: Woo Min-ho (우민호)
Duration: 114 min.
Language: Korean with english subtitles.
Plot: Joo Young-Soo Kim Myung-Min is a minister whose daughter (Kim So-Hyun) gets kidnapped. Eventually the minister loses his faith in God, quits the church and opens a business. 8 years later, Young-Soo’s wife (Park Joo-Mi) still works feverishly to find their daughter and in the process becomes hospitalized. Then out of the blue, the abductor contacts Young-Soo and demands a ransom for his daughter. The former minister must make the most difficult of choices. He then sets out to rescue his daughter once and for all.

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